Hey Ya’ll! 

I’m back in Europe after a few days home post nationals. Italy was warm and lovely, but now I’m in Switzerland for the final test to earn another TDF selection. 

GP Gippingen: 180 km (16 lap circuit race)

Two days before the Tour de Suisse we took the start line in Switzerland. The scramble to keep the break small with big teams marking each other caused early chaos before six riders escaped and restored order. Each lap the heat and 3 km climb wrung the sweat out of us. With three to go, the break had lost all of it’s 9 minute lead, and we began smacking each other around. Ultimately enough sprinters made the 50 rider selection for teams to organize lead outs. I tried to help our sprinter, but we got boxed in and placed 18th and 21st. 

None of the international travel is left in my legs, and I’m working to quit them of Gippingen for the start of our main objective. 

More to come!