Grand Prix Gippingen: 188 km

This one day race shocked the body into race mode after training in Virginia post ToCalifornia and travelling back to Europe. The sharp climb each of the ten laps created a race where strongmen, sprinters, and climbers could each play their cards. Trek controlled the start as four riders slipped away, then set tempo building into the final four laps. With three laps to go I covered a few moves, and with two laps to go the best climbers attacked. Their aggression stretched the peloton painfully and popped a few chunks of riders, but on the last lap 100 riders barrelled into the sprint finish. I found Kristian Sbaragli with 2.5 km to go, brought him to the front and stayed there until 1 km to go. I swung off when I saw stars and he connected with Reinhardt. Reinhardt sprinted to 5th.